AJABU Spirit & Cocktail Festival

10-17 March 2024

18–23 November 2024

Pinotage Youth Development Academy

Launching talent to be the differance 

What is PYDA?

PYDA exists to work with young, talented South Africans for irrevocable personal change and meaningful economic outcomes.

Based in the Stellenbosch area, PYDA develops talented 18 – 34 year old’s from under-resourced areas for employment and meaningful economic opportunities. The Academy’s work started with innovative programmes which combine personal development skills (35%) with industry-specific vocational training (40%) and practical work experience (25%).



10–13 March 2024

*18–20 November 2024


14–17 March 2024

*20–23 November 2024

*in collaboration with Cape Town Beverage Show